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Made these lil’ puppy cupcakes – or as a friend puts it, Pupcakes about a month ago for a first birthday.

I really wanted to do a step-by-step tutorial with it, but got totally immersed with the process and forgot! But at least you’ll get the before and after pics!

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I’ve got pics from the Bumblebee ones I did awhile back, (LOTSA pics in fact), so am slowly working on a tutorial for that. Look out for that!


Mother’s Day past

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We’re gearing up for our next market, so the days have been spent trialing some new ideas and flavours, including

1. Cake pops

2. Green tea cookies

3. Strawberry cupcakes

4. Vintage rose vanilla cupcakes

Let’s see how they go!

In the meantime, here’re some Mother’s Day bikkies I made for some hardworking friends of mine because Motherhood is a 24/7 job!

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